We believe that God wants to heal our physical bodies and we have seen Him do it! If you need a touch from the Lord in your body, we would love to meet with you. Please email Rita to set up an appointment to receive prayer for physical healing.

Here are some testimonies of what the Lord has done:

  • Prayed over the phone for a woman with headache and the headache left.
  • A woman with neuroprothy also had pain in her feet and had difficulty walking. After prayer the pain left and she was able to walk normally.
  • A woman came to us with haziness, depression and back pain. After receiving ministry, all the symptoms left and she said she felt good!
  • Prayed for an individual with stomach pain and the pain left.
  • A woman was coming out of major back surgery. Her daughter called and told us the doctors said her mom would have extreme pain during the healing process. After prayer for the situation, it was reported that Mom had no pain at all and is completely healed!
  • We prayed for a woman with 4 stage cancer. She said she was greatly blessed and encouraged. She is currently showing great improvement and waiting the doctor's report, but feels she has been totally healed!

Praise the Lord for His healing power!